Somethings I’ve been loving during the lockdown!

Belgium has been in lockdown for 10 weeks. So today i decided that i would make a list of 10 things i have been loving during these 10 weeks. And no it wont be tik tok.

So the first thing i really love doing is putting on a face mask and drink some tea or coffee will reading a book or a magazine. Or even watching some thing on the television. I really like the brand aesop

The second thing i’ve been loving is my dog he is litterly my best friend he sleeps in my bed almost every night. When i study he is by my side.

The third item is my French press. Omg i just love it so much it makes the best coffee precisely how i like it bitter but not to bitter.

The next item is are my slippers they are so comfy i could wear them all day. They are by the dutch brand warmbat

The fifth thing i’ve been loving is my Pinterest. I love saving inspiration for instagram photos or even so qoutes.

And for this one please don’t hate me but to hot to handle is maybe my new guilty pleasure.

Next are podcasts especially: what we said or the healt code they are both really good and motivational.

For nummber 8 we have online shopping at new brands like butter & hazel or ghanda clothing.

And lastly my new glasses.

So that’s the end i know the title said 10 things i have been loving but i just picked that number because i thout it would be cooler to do 10 things i love during 10 weeks of lockdown.

Have a nice day Evva

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