Celebrating 20 years of the J12 timepiece.

it has been 20 years since Chanel first introduced the timeless J12 watch. To celebrate those 20 years Chanel is coming out with 2 verry special version of this watch. The j12.20, this edition of the watch will only have a Limited production of 2020 pieces. So in totaal there will be 4040 watches. 2020 in the 38 mm and than an other 2020 in the 33 mm. The watch will have engravings of some iconic chanel items such as a camellia a jacket. And much more. The prices are around 5300 pounds for the small one and 6500 pounds for the larger one.

The watch will go on sale on the first of june. So if you would lile to have one of thees watches call your SA at your local boutique to make sure they pout one on hold for you.

And then we have the show stopper the J12.20 Enamel. Only five of thees where made. The price had not come out yet for this one

All watches will also come in a black color.

Have a nice day


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