The 16 soft bag

The famous French fashion hous Celine is comming out with a new bag. It’s a new version of the 16 bag. Or as they said it on their imstagram the new essential bag

celine’s 16 bag was the first bag that Hedi Slimane made on his first day at the fashion hous. The name was inspired by the Hôtel Colbert located at 16 Rue Vivienne or where the head office is located.

The 16 soft bag was announced today on the official Celine instagram account. The bag is set to release on june fifth in store as online. But the price is yet to be announced.

So far we have one photo of the bag that i will include

My opinion is i really like the concept of the bag it looks like somthing you could take with you to the office but also to the city for some shopping.

As more information comes out i will update this post.

Have a nice evening


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