THE RIBBED SINGLET the only basic you need for summer 2020

Everybody loves a good white t-shirt. But what if i told you there was something better to wear this summer. A ribbed singlet.

So here ar some of my favorite one’s to invest in for this summer when quarantine is over

1 unclexstudios

They have 3 versions in 2 different colors. The price is not bad they are 55 Canadian dollars so around 36 euros. I especially love the shorter models.

2 toteme

The Scandinavian brand just released his vision of the tank the price is a little one the higher side comming in at 90 euros. This tank also comes in black and white and some other colors.

3 theory

The most expensive one for a 120 euros you can buy Racerback Tank Top In Ribbed Cotton-Modal. In my opinion I don’t think it’s word to buy one for this price there are better options that have the same quality but a better price.

4 reformation

This one is not really a ribbed thank but i choose this one just for the fact that it comes in more than black and white. Also in my favorite color gray the price is 36 euros

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