scotch and soda x keoni

I realy like the Dutch brand scotch and soda. But i don’t know this partnership is just not my favorite.

This collection was inspired by Hawaii.

Of course there are some pieces i like but most of them are just not my style. I feel like my problem with this colection is the print i feel like it’s to much.

Now let’s talk about the pieces I do like

I know I told you I didn’t like the print but the shirt with the print is so good and i would wear it if it wasn’t 214 euros. The shirt is 100% silk but i feel like you can only wear it so many times. The piece i would buy probably is the white top it’s most like my every day style.

The pieces i don’t like

I feel like the red on the t-shirt is just to bright for my taste. And then the print.

This is only on the fashion items not the accessories. The accessories are fine i just would not buy them mu self. The reason for that is i have my favorite accessories and don’t really change them.

If you would like to shop this collection you can click here they also have pieces for children.

Have a nice day


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