Things I would love to buy june

I probably won’t buy most of the stuff on this list. And the reason for that is because I lost my job.

Fashion pieces I want

1. I really like this blazer from buter and hazel for a while now. And i asked my mother multiple times to buy it for me for my birthday. So maybe she got it for me, I’m not sure but if she doesn’t buy it , than I will just have to buy it for myself. It’s on sale for 59 euros so that’s a plus

2. The dream crew in grey this is a crew neck jumper from Alexa chung. The price is 170 euros but i feel like if the quality is there and the materials are good it’s worth the investment if you are planning on keeping it and not wear one season and then never again.

3. This one is a shock even for myself i normally don’t really like wearing printed t-shirt but i feel like this one is cool. And for 30 euros it’s not that expensive. Massimo dutti

4. And then this shirt don’t really have much to say about it other than i just like it. It’s 80 euros so probably not going to buy it. Massimo dutti

Accessories and bags

1. This ring it’s from Celine and normally I would have bought it already. First i was going to buy it in December but the 2 stores I went to did’t have it and then normally i was going to Paris and i would buy it in Paris but then corona happened and I could not go. So i don’t know when i will be able to buy this one but i hope someday.

4. The perry small triple compartment tote. I really like it but I don’t know i love the color i just don’t know if I will get tired of it because the color is green. I also don’t want to buy it in black sinds i already have a black bag. The price is 300 euro so not to bad in my opinion.

Have a nice day


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