my opinion on out east by shop we wore what

Shop we wore what is not something I would spend my money on if it isn’t on sale. The price point is a bit to high for my liking. But maybe the quality is excellent so that can justify the price.

This is the newest launch of the brand and i’m quite surprised by how much i like this collection.

The name of the collection is out east and is inspired by the Hamptons.

The 6 pieces and prints that i like are the following.

The leigh top this top has a nearly backless silhoutte. And i really like this top in the Hamptons map navy print this is also my favorite print the top has a price of 94.55 euro

Next one is the Brooklyn one piece. It’s described as a fresh take on a classic plunge-front suit. And i really like this suit in the sunset pastel print. this one is 194.08 euro

The claudia top is universally flattering top. I like this top in the white stripe print this one hasas a price of 94.55 euro

The Danielle one piece. In warm brown stripe is also really nice the price is 194.08 euros

The mia maxi skirt. It’s a maxi wrap skirt. And i really like it in all color so navy white and red. the price is 194.08 euro

And last the Emily bottom In rope navy. On there instagram they said it was hand drawn so that’s really nice. 94.55 euro

And now 4 pieces and prints i don’t really like this is just my opinion. So don’t take it personal if there is something you really like. And I don’t.

The first print I just don’t like is fruits in white and navy. It’s just not for me.

The next is strange because is like the print on a top but just not on a dress it’s the Bella dress in Hamptons map navy. I feel it’s just to much for me

Next is Kaia jumper in palm leaves white. I just don’t really like the print but the fit is just not for me.

The ronni dress this is simply because it’s to short for me I’m quite tall so that is more of a personal problem. But if it was longer i would buy it

There are many more prints and models. If you have something from this collection let me know if you like it and if it’s worth the high price

Have a nice day


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