My thoughts on celine: the dancing kid

Well the first time i saw this collection i hated it so much. Like first celine show level hate.

But then i watched the show again and i was a little bit more open-minded to the collection. I feel like i just didn’t like it for the reason that it was simply not my style.

Some pieces of this collection where actual quit nice it was just the styling and the music.

My 3 favorite looks from this show where the following.

This one i really love but then why the yellow sneaker and the high white socks.

This one has better shoes but still the socks

Same here the socks i don’t understand like no

And then some of the nice accessories

These 2 bags one looks like the prada re edition 2005 and the other one is just a triangle.

And yes after watching this i really want a bucket hat but not with a print like this one

Have a nice day


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